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Here are a few questions sent in to Kristie by visitors to this website:

  • What was the toughest thing about
    being in the White House?
  • The training was REALLY hard and the challenges nearly killed me but the toughest thing, by far, was being away from my family for so long.
  • Can you let us know about your diet now?
    What do you have for breakfast?
  • Now that I am home I have added a few extra calories to my diet as I am no longer trying to loose over 2kg a week. (I do still want to drop a little more weight but am happy to go a little slower and do it a little at a time.)

    Here is a typical menu for me now,
    Breakfast - egg white omelette with tomato and garlic and one slice of whole grain toast OR 2 Weetbix with lite yoghurt and 30grms walnuts, with a herbal tea.
    Lunch – BIG Salad with a small can of tuna.
    Snack – Celery with lite peanut butter OR an apple with a handful of nuts
    Dinner – Heaps of green vege’s with chicken breast or fish.
  • How many hours a day do you train?
    What are you favourite exercises?
  • While in the house I trained 4 hours a day and when I got home, for the seven weeks before the final weigh in, up to seven hours a day. Crazy, I know! Please don’t expect to see the big numbers we dropped on the show unless you have similar time to devote to it.

    Now that the show is over I run 5-10kms at least three times a week and continue to alternate daily weight training and group fitness classes. I really enjoy spin bike classes and also jam (dance class). Weekends I get outside, Jacobs ladder (a killer staircase near Kings Park), the local park with the kids or I head down to the beach. Enjoying training is important but remember, it doesn’t always have to be fun you just have to do it.
  • What were Bob and Jillian really like?
  • Intense! Both Bob and Jillian are great they really cared about us and wanted to see us succeed. Jillian has become one of my friends and a person who I really admire. She is very high energy but what you see is what you get with her and I respect that.
  • Would you do it again?
  • Hmmm. One thing I did learn from going on the show was that you don't need to be locked away from food to loose weight. The fridges in the house were full, there was temptation everywhere. I could have still eaten too much. I discovered that it was my desire to succeed that helped me to loose weight and when I got home and found myself surrounded by my supportive friends and family I lost more than I did in the house, you don't have to lock yourself away to succeed. Although, $200,000 is very motivating so yes I probably would do it again and maybe stay in the sauna just a little longer:)
  • What Song or music inspires you? Did you get to
    listen to music while working out in the White House?
  • In the house we were allowed to use MP3 players or Discman’s but did not have access to TV or Radio. I had CD’s like James Blunt, Ben Lee and Black Eyed Peas.

    It helps to put up beat, high energy music on when you really need to get your heart rate up. It helps you to keep your eyes off the clock too. I found the ballads and slower music made me slow down and want to stop.
  • How much training do you really have to do to lose realistic amounts of weight? They don’t show you much on the TV and I was wondering how gruelling the training sessions on the show were?
  • It is really all about the maths. You can train like a demon and starve yourself to loose heaps or you can be sensible and loose weight in a permanent and emotionally satisfying way. Any weightloss is good and sometimes our desire to be perfect tells us that we need to drop huge numbers or not bother. This simply isn't the case and thinking this way damages the feelings of satisfaction that come with small successes, the feelings that help motivate us to continue to try.

    Dump that all or nothing attitude, re-evaluate your schedule, add a realistic amount of exercise and choose healthier foods. Then enjoy the journey.

    Remember "you can do ANYTHING!"

  • To start with you look great! I have the same sort of body shape as you, the apple shape, can you give me tips for losing the weight around my stomach?
  • Unfortunately, my tummy was the last place that weight came off. You really need to be patient and believe that if you put in the effort and train hard it will eventually happen. You can't spot train, fat comes off where your body chooses not where you work the hardest. Any exercise will assist your weight loss and the ones that use the large muscle groups like your Quads and incorporate other muscles at the same time are the most efficient fat burners, for example cycling and running. Focusing on exercises like situps to loose fat from your tummy is not as productive as doing all over body cardio training.
  • How can I get my partner to start on a training program, he is so overweight and I am worried he is heading for a heart attack.
  • The best way to get our friends and family to lose weight is to set a good example. It is almost impossible to get somenone to do something they don't want to do. You may not have a weight problem but consider how watching you eat whatever you like affects your partner. Save high calorie foods and treats for when he is not around. Invite him to participate in fun physical activities that are designed for spending time together rather than challenging him. You also need to love him regardless because he may never change!